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Lenovo X201 Tablet – Pen Pressure Sensitivity Driver + Issue [UPDATE]

Updated on December 21, 2010 at the 17th hour
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Grab your Wacom Pen-enabled Tablet PC Driver here.

Update 2: It appears Wacom has updated their site, so you'll have to choose your OS and Tablet PC from now on. Also I'm linking to the EU site because it is the one that has it. Europe or America shouldn't have any bearing on driver functionality.

I was looking at Lenovo’s forum where (new?) owners of this tablet have an issue where there is no pen pressure and figured since I’ve had this driver since day one of getting my tablet that I ‘d share it. The only issue I have is with the mapping of the screen, the ISD tablet driver is mapped to the default landscape rotation. Try rotating your tablet by 90 degrees in any way, and see that going up the screen with the pen will go in a direction perpendicular to your pen. Stop right there though, this only happens when you are not in a program that uses the tablet’s pen functionality. Go into Photoshop, ArtRage, or almost any kind of graphics application and you will see the pen tablet working as it is supposed to. OneNote is an exception as it uses pen functionality, but has the rotation/pen direction issue I just talked about.

If someone at Lenovo or Wacom can look into this, that would greatly be appreciated. It is the one issue with this driver that could make this a perfect experience.

Update: Actually, strangely enough I downloaded the driver again and reinstalled the driver and there is no more issue. My perfect tablet!!! :)
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