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Judas and the Black Messiah

Updated on February 22, 2021 at the 02th hour
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A movie from the point of view from an FBI informant who infiltrated the Black Panther Party. It captivated me. Who knows, maybe I would have turned into a Black Panther going to their talks about fighting for your life.

If you lived through white people lynching, hanging black body parts near their homes in scarecrow like fashion, raiding black towns, subduing their right to vote and bear arms, beating and killing people who shared the same skin color like you, using the justice system against you, well who wouldn't be pissed off enough to join the Black Panther Party. Who wouldn't want to overthrow the government?

Its interesting to see that there was a coalition formed between blacks and poor whites. Today we'd call it "unity" or far left and far right coming together against government. Eh, maybe I should look more into that and learn about what was all that about as it wasn't the focus of the movie clearly.

A man, a chairman, who is humbled by the people rather than see himself as the "supreme" leader of the party. Authorities kill em, but the movement went on.

It was interestingly captivating.

I'd recommend watching it on HBO MAX.

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