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Jason Ravnsborg is a Piece of Shit Murderer

Updated on February 24, 2021 at the 01th hour
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Crash investigators said in November that Ravnsborg was distracted when he veered onto the shoulder of the highway where Boever was walking. But prosecutors took months more to make a charging decision in the crash, launching an investigation that considered cellphone GPS data, video footage from along Ravnsborg’s route and DNA evidence.

Wowza, S.D. Attorney General kills a man with his car after being distracted while driving, accuse the guy he ran over of being a deer and all they charge him with is a misdemeanor? Ah well, what do you expect in a Republican governed state. I'd like to see one state official use his car to kill one of another state official's kids or partner and lets see if they'll charge em with a misdemeanor.

They don't give a shit is what that tell you. Their family doesn't seem aggressive enough, in my opinion, probably because they are republican. Don't wanna spur too much trouble because that would be bad and expose the badness of their state. Can't let the Democrats get a foothold in there alrighty.

Seriously though, seems like national news to me that a US state's government official can kill a man and only be charged with a misdemeanor.

Jason Ravnsborg is a Piece of Shit Murderer and the officials charging him are weak corrupt pieces of shit.

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