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It's Sunday January 6 and...

Updated on January 06, 2013 at the 09th hour
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it's Freakin' cold since I generally don't turn on the heat at night. Today, right now, I start the development of Project Journaler with the Excerion System libraries. I'd like to see how fast I can make a nice usable prototype with it. The prototype will be devoid of login, but that's really really easy to add in with Excerion Central. This journaler is supposed to be a way for me to vent about my projects to get an idea of how I've been doing lately. Starting now at 1:37AM CST/2:37AM EST!

1:57AM: I'm gathering libraries that I believe I need. A WYSIWYG editor, which coincedentially uses jQuery and RequireJS are the first! I've already copied over the things that I need from Dark Gale.


5:43AM: Viola! This is Project Journaler in basic blog form, but it uses the Excerion System to do everything from instant feedback (entry shows up as soon as you press submit), infinite Scroll, Ajax Form processing and other fun fun features to make my life easy. Errors are sent back from the system using a HTTP status code, so it makes error handling a whole lot more pratical. When an error occurs, I usually use the Excerion Alert View to pop up the message that was returned (defined by the user). A lot of the system is backend, so I won't explain here.

From here, hashtags need to be processed, because those indicate that project you are referring to. It will be an easy one with regex. Hash tags will refer to a project, so it'll be easy to add projects that you are referring to. Maybe tokens such as #Project:, #Idea: and etc, will be parsed and added to a list of ideas and projects that would be used as a filter.

Anyway, 4 hours? Yeah, and it would have taken less had there been less bumps on the road. I had a little trouble with requireJS along the way, since I've never used it before and it was screwing excerionJS, which makes extensive use of the module pattern. I can pretty much type whatever I want without worrying too much about sql injection. :) Well, that's it for today. Got other things to work on.

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