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It's a New Year (2015)

Updated on January 01, 2015 at the 20th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

Alrighty, a new year and a fresh outlook for the year. It seems that I try to attempt starting up new things at the start of every year as well as stop doing other things.

I decided to deprecate and/or defunct many of my person projects primarily because I used to think a lot about what I'd like to do for the future and some projects just dragged on and/or lost interest. I'll give examples: Celice was supposed to be a lightweight modular JS game engine, but I found a far better engine, so there is no point in continuing. I lost interest in Dark Gale because there is not much interest in games like it anymore, so no point in adding new content. Excerion System is a library of stuff I collected during my development days of Dark Gale and whatever else, but there seems to be a resurgence in libraries for PHP, JS and Java, so again there is no point of maintaining my own. There are other projects I just lost interest in or will hold on for later as an idea.

What I'd like to see this year is a new personal website layout as well as tech/help-focused content, my personal projects: Project Flare and Excerion Central being worked on and finally an updated sense of self :D.

Project Flare is a comments system that pushes the community to moderate itself based on Karma (which is mutable/changing). There's also a social aspect to it as well, but you don't explicitly choose your friends/followers. There are interesting ways to approach this comments system, but I will continue to develop the idea then build a prototype then get some test runs at small places on the net who are interested.

Good 2015 to all!
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