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Is your Ipod Touch/Iphone stuck on the apple logo screen?

Updated on July 05, 2009 at the 20th hour
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I attempted to jailbreak my iPod touch, which worked. I used the iPod touch firmware 3.0 and redsn0w for this, in case you are wondering. I went to Cydia, which asked for an upgrade, so I went for an upgrade. I was pretty sure this was a successful jailbreak until it crashed a third time I executed Cydia. Wow, my iPod restarted only to stay stuck at the Apple logo screen. "Fuck that!" It really scared me when I tried to go into DFU mode, but it wouldn't. I searched the internet until I found this solution to go into recovery mode:

Hold both the power and home button while the iPod is not connected to the computer. Release the power button, keep holding the home button though, when the iPod's screen turns black and quickly connect it to the computer. The iPod will go back to the Apple logo screen then it will go to a screen where it essentially means connect iPod to iTunes.

That means you are good and ready for restore. Yeah, be happy. If this does not work, sucks. Buy a new one and sell your old one.
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