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Is Texas still Attractive to go to after the Winter Storm?

Updated on February 21, 2021 at the 17th hour
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Will property values keep increasing the way they did? I'm betting on stagnation now that it is different with social media.

Who remembers 2011's winter storm taking out Texas? I'm sure Facebook and Twitter at the time were filled with "We pray for you" blah blah blah. No one remembers other than those who were in it.

This time it was broadcast on social media for the mainstream. This will be burned in to the minds of prospective property buyers and movers. Gas prices skyrocketed in turn Electricity and Water. Pipes bursting all around Texas. Fires raging. Ceilings collapsing. People on the street because their homes are flooded. People being huddled up in shelters during SARS COV2 Pandemic. Trucks and cars piling up. Factories had to be shut off. Water treatment plants failing. Hospitals shut down. Emergency services all busy. Utility workers being scattered around and harassed. People losing their homes entirely.

What a trifecta: Pandemic, frost, lack of Water, food and electricity. Maybe lack of empathy too given the r-tard jokes about Texas self mutilating itself to keep out Californians? I guess if you want your home prices to stagnate, oh wait ya can't afford to own damn peasants. My bad.

Texans want to point blame on the government, but did not hold them accountable for the last storm in 2011.

Government wants to blame their energy providers and coordinators, yet they did nothing to hold energy providers accountable for changes to prevent loss.

Conservatards want to blame "Green Energy" (Wind because SOMEONE TOLD ME THAT. Even though it includes solar panels), when it is only 10% of the grid. While natural gas costs fucking skyrocketed which caused electricity to skyrocket from .03/kilowatt to fucking 9.00/kilowatt. Fucking 9000 per megawatt. You fucking kidding? Power plants shutting down because it cost too fucking much or just plainly too cold. That's what people want to pay in order to stick with FREE MARKET no regulations? Might as well live with using Bitcoin then because the dollar is too stable for your asses. Good job Texas for higher bills. Fuck you Rick Perry.

Conservaretards also blocked bills from Democrats (was it Demobrats? Fuck your parties.) with regards to planning for severe weather. ( I guess warm weather just happens so much that the once in every 8-10 year fines are worth it and the people will just weather it all away absorbing it into their insurance policies assuming the cow(bois/gals) have any.

This storm exposed deep infrastructure issues in Texas and I sincerely hope that those who look to move or rent from Texas will do their due diligence because spotty work will fuck you.

Yeah, I would say it is a third world state at this point. California can actually keep RUNNING WATER and not have its politicians escape the state due to power outages. As the mantra at Uber, when I was there, "As reliable as running water" (Bay Area's running water if I had to say)

Fuck Texas and fuck conservaretards who want to keep it backward. Wake up retards.

The hype is gone. This is the shit that drags people down, makes them homeless andit makes them more distrustful of their government! Texas is no longer a "hot" place to go to. Do your research before committing to buys or you might end up with a hefty bill during your stay or you may end up homeless in conservatown where they want to ban you from existing.

Who gives a fuck about ERCOT's board members. A distraction. Texas you failed miserably. States next to you did better.

Give thanks to the people who helped a lot of your undeserving asses.


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