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Installing Apache Hadoop, Hive, Pig, and Mahout + m2e for Eclipse

Updated on April 01, 2012 at the 14th hour
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Ever wanted to install Hadoop or Mahout? Let's go. Keep in mind, I'm using Fedora 16.

Apache Hadoop

1. sudo yum install maven java hadoop eclipse --> you should install eclipse, but you don't have to. I believe when you install eclipse it drags in all the java dev stuff you'd need.

2. vi /usr/etc/hadoop/ and edit the export JAVA_HOME line reflect where java is installed. On F16 is installed in /usr/lib/jvm/java

3. type '/usr/etc/hadoop/' there should be no output

4. I'm assuming single-node setup here, so type in '/usr/sbin/' and there will be about 5 questions. I answered y to all

5. Hadoop should now be started.

Additionally you can install Apache Pig with sudo yum install pig quite easily.

Apache Mahout

I find it easier to install from svn

1. cd /usr or wherever you want

2. mkdir mahout and change directory into it

Straight from the docs

3. svn co ./

4. mvn install or because there are a number of tests you can do mvn -DskipTests install

5. Congrats maven is installed. Add Maven to the path: export PATH=$PATH:/usr/mahout/bin

If you wanted to install Apache Hive, practically the same instructions as this.


Start up Eclipse because we want to install the m2e project.

1. Go to help > install new software

2. Enter - I have 3.7 (indigo)

3. Go to General Purpose Tools and check m2e, which is maven to eclipse.

Now you should be able to go to File > Import and see Maven there. Perfecto.


Easy peezy. Now you can attempt those tutorials you've been looking at.

Where might you want to go next? - Getting started with Apache Pig - Intro to Mahout - Creating your first Recommender - Hadoop Map/Reduce Tutorial

Oh and grab this book Mahout in Action

Heck let me give you some ideas:

Let's say you want to create a recommendation engine. Attempt to implement one using Mahout/some Java Web Scraper and a bit of data labeling with the Naive Bayes Classifier to do just that. This should be good enough of a start to make it interesting.

Or if you have a bunch of Movies you like already, then implement a recommendation engine using Mahout and IMDB or some other movie rating site.

Want something more complex? Sentiment Analysis? Grab a bunch of tweets and figure out a way to identify each tweet as Positive, Negative or Netural. Heck, even better, grab Amazon reviews (or you fav shopping site) and figure out a way to create ratings from reviews or extract important information from reviews, such as durable / not durable or very cool / traditional, and the list goes on.


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