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I'll move away from Master / Slave terms wherever

Updated on June 17, 2020 at the 19th hour
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Never really thought about master/slave terms until it was brought up during one of the Uberversity for nUbers. Course teacher talked about how some teams were trying to pick names for these two terms. Some terms were Queen / Princess, Leader / Follower and Primary / Replica.

I thought it was inconsequential, but I figured I would avoid domineering terms in whatever I made. Master / Slave isn't helpful abstraction or naming wise anyway. It is a big big meh from me. I like the terms leader, follower since followers can be leaders and vice versa. Slaves don't necessarily become masters (weird societal contract if you can do that) and then downgrade back to being a slave. Technically, if the roles can change then master and slave is a very choice bad choice of naming.

Since I left Uber, I've talk about these terms on the rise with time. Recent vigor from protests brought this to the limelight again. It is really simple choice, just use better terms and change and avoid the terms wherever possible.

Git/Github wants to move away from master term, ok. Master meant of master copy there is no appearance of slave. I'll move to main or default or whatever is decided in the end. I won't expend energy trying to fight or protest this change because it is inconsequential. There is no difference other than pattern recognition.

I've seen negative reactions from some people on hacker news about this change and its just the shouts from the gallows. Makes me wonder what are their contributions other than hating. No one is listening to them, I won't either.

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