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If you have to ask "What do the protesters want?"

Updated on June 01, 2020 at the 00th hour
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You are a bad leader and must never be a leader.

If you cannot dig deep into your knowledge about how protests start and you think there is only one single goal that unites them. You live in an Ivory Tower.

The George Floyd protests didn't spark only because one guy died at the hands of a bad cop. You can clearly see where American policing has changed with their attitude towards their communities.

Some police are doing well and taking advantage of the massive PR campaign and others are feeding into the case further emboldening protests and inflaming rioters.

If anyone ever tells me that protesters should not be protesting because SARS v2, I might have to call ICE. It is fundamentally un-american and condescending to convince people why they should not take advantage of a fundamental American right. It is not rational.

Protesters, rioters and looters know the current environment, thanks. They all know what they want. If you don't, just don't bother asking and feigning your sympathy.

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