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How to Change Fashion Shopping?

Updated on November 23, 2012 at the 15th hour
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Technology. Just imagine being able to walk into a shop have a Kinect camera scan your model as you walk up to kiosk and being able to try on different combinations of clothes. It would be a simple experience where you pick clothes and sizes on your model and in real time see how it looks by walking around or using gestures to rotate the model. Finally, once you've decided on what you want simply use NFC to grab the items and the location and pick them up.

There are obvious ways to complicate it, but I like the idea and would be willing to work on something that achieves the most simple experience untainted with complicated crap.


Update Jan 9 2013: Looks like a company has an upcoming product that works something like how I envisioned it looking. Facecake is what its called
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