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HN News Recommender Update

Updated on March 23, 2012 at the 00th hour
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Looks like I'm going to v0.4 soon. Updated the extension to use IndexedDB on chrome even though webkit's IndexedDB is is a little messy right now. Versioning between webkit and mozilla is different, but someday they'll match up and this extension is ready for that. Oh and if you update to v0.4, your current results will be transferred over to indexedDB and used there.

and if you've no idea what this is: visit my first post on this

Anyway, that's about it for v0.4.

In future updates, I will be rebranding the extension, so I can go about expanding the recommendation power to other web sites. Reddit seems like a good candidate right now. Before I expand, I will be adding tests to the development package and using processing.js for looking at your word counts (some of you might be interested in that as I am), so I'm betting v0.4.1 will have to come first.

Ideally, in v1, recommendations are improved enough and I've expanded the extension outside of News at yCombinator, but I must thank the people who've looked and tested this extension, so far its been stable and I would like that to continue. :) The extension works just like I wanted to, its perfect in that it does not require anything more than clicking articles that you are interested in. After V1, there will be less updates and those updates will be more statistical tweaks than anything else. If anything major needs to be done, then I'll just go up a version (2, 3 , 4, ...).

This is a little side project from me for free! I hoping to explore recommendation improvements this way. You are welcome to download/fork the development version from github, add to it, and hopefully, submit a pull request.

Last, but not least, if you are a website owner and you think you would benefit from recommendations to your users, then contact me and I'll see what I can do about adding your site. It'll probably get added someday anyway.
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