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Handling Child's Misbehavior

Updated on January 31, 2021 at the 00th hour
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"Research conducted globally shows that spanking is not the best option. But verbal reasoning, which explains why the behavior is wrong, may not always have the intended positive effect if the parent is loud and abrupt"

"Research has continually shown that spanking leads to negative child outcomes, such as aggression and distraction, regardless of the context in which children are disciplined, including country, race and ethnicity, and neighborhood."

Hmm, maybe that's why we have so many Karens and Anti Maskers. One too many spanked children grow up to be aggressive and dumb as fuck.

Physical violence for a child misbehaving is dumb and extreme. Don't be shocked if your child doesn't want to be around you or others in the end. If you wouldn't do it to yourself for doing dumb shit then you probably shouldn't do it others. Shit happens.

Verbal violence (yelling) at others is really dumb. Stressing yourself out and others around for what? I just walk away from this shit and chances are very very high I'll ignore you and won't remember what you said.

How do you handle misbehavior?

"So what’s the best way to discipline a child? Grogan-Kaylor suggested providing them structure, keeping the lines of communication open and providing developmentally appropriate removal of privileges."

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