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Goodbye Trello, I Deleted My Account

Updated on April 22, 2020 at the 11th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

It is/was a great product. It is so simple to use. It is nothing like JIRA. It has so much potential to be a much better than JIRA product.

I just liked being able to create a card in Trello quickly. I liked dragging the cards to update the status or change the ordering. I liked being able to tag the cards and put a color on the tag. I never liked the sprint system in Agile at least the way I've been introduced to it and Trello could not be used that way which is great. I liked the experience, but it felt like it lacked something. Workflow management using the cards system I think would have been the game changer. Kanban layout is a great layout and all, but it is not strictly the only way to organize.

JIRA is the money maker for Atlassian, so that product will eventually kill off Trello. That's fine though.

I moved away from Trello at the beginning of this year. Where you say? My own product of course! It has the Trello feel of simplicity. Creating a task should be as simple as writing it on a post it note. Extra information should be automatic, but malleable. Organization the way I choose it. It allows me manage my personal tasks along side my project tasks where I add on more to get a project management flow going. To use the product in a way that fits your workflow is what I want. I or a machine should be able to create and update tasks and rules that can be used to track real progress with respect to a process. I wished Trello had evolved this way.

JIRA doesn't reasonate with me the way Trello did. Enterprisey-teamy-big company feel for my purposes. I do not think it can be minimized to scale with smaller business or teams ever.

Trello was a big influence and represented a freedom from shitty clunky products. I deleted my account today (4/21/2020). I'll never use it again for my own purposes, but I won't forget it.

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