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Updated on November 17, 2020 at the 18th hour
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If you are disinterested in something, express it. Why it is hard to do that? When does it become hard to say "No I don't want to" or "I don't think this is working out" vs ghosting? Ghosting is negative as a punch and burns bridges.

^ Ex-GF was ghosted by a guy and now she's his boss.

People are lazy and dumb. Being passive aggressive and hoping the other picks up on it. Expending more energy than say... talking straightforward about it. It seems easier to just not respond because bridges are worth burning, but it expends more energy than you'd like.

For example, would you say like to be harassed because your passive aggressiveness did not get the intended result or set boundaries.

Another example, would you like to agonize about your ghosted employer now being a potential client or just end things cordially and quietly.

Never know what the future brings.

One person writes in:

“You were together for three years, and you lived together! And then you disappeared with no word? That’s some serious emotional destruction that you inflicted there,”

Ghosting, generally, isn't a healthy way to mentally deal with something. I think it is reserved for the mentally unstable. Leave one hanging just because you don't want to deal with the emotions or pressure? More likely to be a target of someone's ire when you ghost. That guy above is/was fucked if his ex-gf held on to the anger, which she most likely did.

Some people think it is a nice way to end things. If passive aggressiveness was ever nice.

How is this nice?

Person 1: Wanna hangout?
Person 2 has *Ghosted*


Person 1: Wanna hangout?
Person 2: I've been swamped lately. I'll come back to you in like 1-2 weeks.

How does one person look at the other they've ghosted? It is disrespectful as hell. If you ghost, for no good reason, you deserve everything karma delivers. Karma won't even have to deliver because you are mentally fucked! Ghosting only delivers pain and the other person is going to feel it.

Is it satisfying to leave books open when closing leaves bridges in tact? It could come to bite you in the ass later. Karma's a bitch.

Don't ghost and don't date or marry ghosters.

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