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Exactly Why Texas Will Never Be A Forward Looking State

Updated on January 31, 2021 at the 13th hour
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HERP DERP Lets protect oil and gas jobs while making no inroads into new energy sources because political correctness! HEEYAW, boomers now and forever!

Wtf does alternative energy sources have to do with political correctness? HERP! Abbott... get the fuck out. Your time is done. Politics and boomers... only force trying top stop modernization. America continually shows why new technologies won't be adopted to advance pockets of areas that need it and the old shit that gets abandoned gets more and more expensive. Keep your red grandpa policy until they day you die.

Its no wonder blue states continue to outperform red states. Texas looks to shift blue because of the dying boomers, but the damage from policies of past will burden the entire state because someone has to support these fucking morons.

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