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Empty Inside's Handling Difficult Emotions

Updated on November 18, 2020 at the 20th hour
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Another episode of Jennette's Empty Inside

Fake positivity stands out to me. I think it is easy for me to see it generally since I err on the side of pessimism. Don't think you can deal with emotions rationally if you are feeling one way but expressing another to hide what you feel. I don't believe in 24/7 positivity sometimes it is better to scream your agony out. I suppose if you hang with people who only want positivity in their lives then how can you have the space to handle your "negativity." I'd agree with the speaker that you would become less happy over time since you avoid the negative emotions and spend more energy hiding.

Does bottling up your emotions work? Temporarily, but eventually it is going to come out. At that point you've felt some reality in your life, you could connect to someone who feels the same emotions. I'd argue after that period that you'd drift away from that someone because of addiction to positivity.

It is weird to me that positivity = happiness. You might as well take drugs and feel that euphoria.

I definitely agree with the author that you can't fake happiness from a bad career choice or unhappy relationships. I agree with the idea that happiness is a by-product of your pursuit of meaningful action in your life. It is just natural and you feel free. Nothing stops the way you start to think and feel.

I think it is also realistic to say that most people are not going to be naturally happy. Most people do what society thinks they should do and that is not meaningful action in your life. Lots of external motivation to do what you do, but not what you want to do.

Anyway, there's more I can write, but I have some things to do. I think the one hour video is worth it.

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