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Don't Go to Doctors who Measure your BMI

Updated on October 20, 2020 at the 05th hour
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Anytime a doctor measures my BMI, I say this doctor is a hack and never go to the same doctor again.

Here's an NPR story on why BMI is literal bullshit:

Yeah, it is a fucking hack that takes no other things to measure. Lol, because waist size just does not matter apparently. Imagine being full of muscle, but being told by your robot doctor that you are obese. LOL 😭🤪

BMI = (Weight in Pounds x 703) / (Height in inches x Height in inches). WTF is this equation? Height ^2? really? Whats the 703 constant all about? Might as well make my own statistic too.

I never repeat visits to doctors who measure my weight and calculate a BMI. I'm not going to argue with them how fucking stupid it is and that what they are doing is a scam to trick people into bullshit. I don't know maybe next visit they'll sell you a lose weight drink. Guess I'll never find out.

I suppose when you have Harvard articles like, then it is not a surprise some doctors use BMI to actually determine your body fat..

BMI is bullshit and there are likely better indicators out there that one can use as a north star.

I mean if the doctor is like one of my past doctors who said specifically that "your BMI says this, but you definitely don't look like what it says" then that doctor might be a keeper. At least they are being honest with you.

Possibly the Relative Fat Mass (RFM) is a better statistical indicator of fat:

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