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Doctors are Consultants

Updated on October 30, 2021 at the 13th hour
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Just three weeks after undergoing a spinal surgery, she began previews for the Broadway revival of “Nine.” When the pain failed to subside, Benanti says she went back to the doctor, who blamed her for her continued symptoms. “He told me I was fixed and my pain was a mental health issue,” she said. “I believed him.”

After experiencing “in intense pain every single day for seven years,” Benanti says she saw another surgeon, who informed her that the first surgery not only not worked, but made the injury worse. She then underwent a “second, incredibly invasive surgery” that necessitated many months of recovery at her parents’ home. Benanti added, “I lost a lot of my hair from the anesthesia.”

Doctors are consultants and you should treat them as such. Get a second or third opinion if something doesn't feel right and your consultant is telling you otherwise.

Medical knowledge doesn't fully encompass probability and whatever a doctor typically says is book knowledge aka heuristics. Books aren't always right. Some doctors are very bad doctors, but somehow they manage to keep their license.

Imagine a Doctor being asked on the radio about aspiration and as part of the question a reference to the manufacturers directions to not inject the vaccine into blood and the doctor telling you that the vaccine is being injected into muscle that is blood rich therefore no aspiration needed. Its comical.

Imagine a nurse or technician who says the vaccine must circulate in the body.

These happened.

No matter where you turn be careful of quacks and uneducated people especially if they get angry when you ask questions about whats going on or when you want something done in a certain way especially if it is harmless. Placing blind trust in any system will get you into trouble.

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