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Dart's import_of_legacy_library_into_null_safe is annoying and how to disable it

Updated on December 27, 2020 at the 00th hour
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Flutter/Dart, whatever you want to associate null-safety with. Why is this lint error a thing? The official solution is to migrate the imported library. Lol, I don't believe it is my problem that the library is not "null safe".

This null safety change is just a syntactical sugar change. It moves all existing types to nullable opt-in. This assumes that all libraries are opted-in to nullable types while any libraries compiled with new dart versions are opted-out of nullable types by default.

For example, assume some class called Circle.

"Circle" from old dart becomes "Circle?" in new dart while "Circle" means non nullable. Why do I need to be warned about some library that is opted in to nullable types by default?

The solution specified in the linter is garbage. I should migrate it? Fuck you!

To turn this annoying warning off:


import_of_legacy_library_into_null_safe: ignore
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