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Coronavirus Sequelae

Updated on October 09, 2020 at the 15th hour
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There's evidence that some people experience the long term effects of COVID. Previous discovered Coronaviruses that cause SARS and MERS also caused long term effects, so it is not surprising. I'd recommend watching this video is particular as John Campbell discusses some of the observed effects during post COVID.

Imagine losing your sense of taste and smell for the long term. 😢 All you had to do to prevent that was wear a mask.

I personally wonder if SARS-COV2 hides itself in the body and re appears from time to time like some other viruses. Maybe the immune system goes into a perpetual state of immune response against the body otherwise known as autoimmune response.

Educate and protect yourself and others around you for the long term by not contracting COVID.

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