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Contributing to Open Source

Updated on February 03, 2013 at the 18th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

My approach to contributing to open source will be on a 80%/20% scale where 80% of the code is proprietary and closed source and the other 20% will be open source and on GitHub. Open source code is helpful and should only be helpful towards helping people do things as jQuery and countless other libraries help with what I want to do. jQuery is a tool and that is why I think tools should be open source rather than the whole application. The Excerion System is a toolset and helps with boot strapping a project. It is lightweight and always ready to be built on top of, so I will be contributing to open source, but only my tools not my applications. People can learn from how tools are built an build their own tools that they can contribute to open source.

Think Pareto's 80-20 rule. :)
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