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Because Hibernate 4.1 docs are pretty annoying

Updated on February 13, 2013 at the 09th hour
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Annotation Weirdness

For a weird reason, it doesn't like @Id annotation on a field. It fails to get the type when I place it on the field. Even if it gets the type, the error cascades to joins and something will fail down there. :/ Still learning to use JPA Annotations for Hibernate.


If you wanted a per-session interceptor you need to do
Session session = sesssionfactory.withOptions()
.interceptor(new Interceptor())

Event Listeners

To create and use a listener you must first create a listener:
public class EntityListener

public void onEvent(Object thing)
//do thing

then attach the listener to the entity with this annotation: @EntityListeners({EntityListener.class}). Furthermore, you must use an EntityManager either generated from from E3jbConfiguration (deprecated) or Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory(). The former will use a hibernate.cfg.xml (go figure....) and the latter will need persistence.xml (in src/META-INF/ dir... just create it) because it is the JPA one.

You can also use those annotations in your entity class, but they do not require an argument.
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