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Bad Management: US AIrstrike on an Iranian Government Official

Updated on January 03, 2020 at the 18th hour
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Wow, just off the heels of bad management from Stack Overflow. Now we have the United States attacking a government official (General Soleimani) of a sovereign nation (Iran) in another sovereign nation's (Iraq) international airport. WTF?

That's war. Iran is unified (WOW, days after being split) and crying for war. This is some Call of Duty level shit. You'd never think this would happen outside of a game or movie.

It really does not matter how the terrible the people killed in an airstrike were what matters is the connections to those people. You don't just go and kill whoever you want where ever you want and that is what the US just did. The gloves are off. We wouldn't tolerate that here, no one would tolerate it anywhere. It is war.

Bad management on part of the Trump administration led to this. They thought it was a good idea to break away from a deal that sought to reign in nuclear ambitions. Guess what, Iran had been saying they would stay in the deal but remove implementation of it as time went on without a deal. This action, the action of bad management, means there is no deal. They are free to pursue the nuclear ambitions they want.

You thought ISIS was bad? Imagine the focus of a government allied with 2 UN Nations with veto power. US does not have the support it needed for this action. Israel could have done it themselves. Iraq should officially declare war on US. It doesn't have to fire a bullet to be in a state of war.

This action not only is felt in Iran, but North Korea. They have claimed they sought nukes against US aggression. This just validated it. There will be no deal with North Korea. There will be no deals with any other country that seeks nuclear deterrence against the US. This negatively affects the deal making abilities of this country for decades.

China should take advantage of the distraction and take Taiwan. Same with the Taliban and Afghanistan. These places are ripe for the taking in the eventual conflict. Trillions more dollar war with no realizable benefit because some men got into a dick measuring contest.

I hope you are all prepared for what comes next. Trump supporters will be at the front line of the war supporting this "America First" policy. You Trumpeteers can fight it out with the Iranians. The US will win, we all know that, but is it worth the cost? Time will tell.

So much for Trump's "war is bad for business" bullshit.

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