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Bad Management: DoorDash Forced Arbitration Clause

Updated on February 13, 2020 at the 15th hour
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"DoorDash contractors have turned a forced arbitration clause in their contract against their employer, as a federal judge has ordered DoorDash to arbitrate 5,010 labor disputes, potentially costing the company millions in arbitration fees"

Another case of "Ooops, we didn't see that coming" when management tries to shift costs to customers and employees to dissuade lawsuits. Any competent lawyer would have told these companies that arbitration doesn't scale. Short sighted crap that comes out of management coupled with the "if it works don't change it" culture.

I relish in the fact that time after time that the "if it works don't change it" culture leads to shitty overall quality. Seen this over and over with software, with laws, with belief systems. Any human made is subject to change and it is unnatural not to. Who still uses taxis in cities where UBER is? Who still uses Internet Explorer? Taxis still work, IE6 still works, but the times change and what works doesn't mean it shouldn't change.

DoorDash's service is likable, but their management stumbles in PR. The dynamic tips trash fire was easily avoidable (inform your customers), but no let's do some shady shit until customers complain with their money. It was short sighted and can not believe they did not see that coming. I think it shows how much they think of their customers. It is reflective of their bad management skills.

This case is easy, remove the forced arbitration clause and use the court system to go through a dispute. Yeah, sucks that it will probably take longer, but it sure is cheaper overall when you are a high profile company.

They will either remove the clause after this case is settled in arbitration or they'll take the hit and wade through it until a future prohibitive case knocks it over.

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