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Asymptomatic COVID does not Mean No Damage

Updated on October 10, 2020 at the 18th hour
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Well, some quotes from various sources where researchers pointed out asymptomatic people are not getting off scot-free.

“It's a very big portion of people, and although they are silent without symptoms, internally, they are taking hits in there inside their body so they don't even know it,” says Eric Topol, MD, the founder and director of the Scripps Translational Research Institute in La Jolla, CA.
Researchers who have scanned the hearts and lungs of people who tested positive for COVID-19, but never felt ill, have seen telltale signs of distress.

The analysis of the positive cases from the cruise ship Diamond Princess revealed that 73% were asymptomatic, of whom 54% had lung opacities on CT, usually showing a prevalence of ground glass opacity (GGO) over consolidation.

Essentially, asymptomatic COVID's damage should be considered a pre-existing condition for radiological processes.

Lung-related damage may not be the only concern for asymptomatic people. Research has found that the novel coronavirus can spread to the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, and other organs. “No one is really assessing those organs in asymptomatic people,” Topol says. “So we just don’t know what’s going on.” The presumption that people who don’t develop symptoms are getting off scot-free may be wrong.

My thought is that 5-20 years in the future, there will probably be an epidemic of diseases due to the after effects of COVID due to the attacks on different organs in the body regardless of symptom presence. It is understandable that people believe if they can't see it then they don't believe anything has occurred. If you don't have symptoms then why would you believe your body was left damaged.

Sure there might be long term effects in asymptomatic people due to the damage, but how will health insurance companies respond in kind is another cause of concern.

Wear a mask and avoid SARS-COV2 entirely.

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