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All Lives Matter is Hot Air

Updated on June 04, 2020 at the 15th hour
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    What were the crimes again?

    All lives matter alright, uh huh.

    You say it because either 1. you are oblivious to what you are saying and implyng or 2. You are racist and trying to get attention with "obivious" statements to take away attention.

    Imagine, Friday the 13th, associated with bad luck with black cats. People randomly kill their black cats because they don't want the bad luck. People who are not stuperstituous protest against black cat killings on Friday the 13th. Then you have the (anti) anti-black cat killings supports saying ALL CATS MATTER.

    ALL CATS MATTER is hot air. What does it mean?

    Less contrived, let's say you have students in a class. Some students need more help than others. Those students protest that you are not giving them enough attention. You as the teacher start giving more attention to those students because they clearly need it. Other students in the class notice this and start blowing hot air saying we should get the same level of attention too! ALL STUDENTS MATTER!

    Why do the other students want the same level of attention? They are getting good grades. Why do they care?

    Get your head out of your asses or stay in there

    Black Lives Matter chant is a fight against injustice which happens to affect blacks more than whites due to DOCUMENTED government and societal beliefs and laws in the past. If you have not figured that out by now with all the information out there, then you need to stay shut and keep your obliviousness/racism within yourself.

    You did not pay attention in school. You are asinine.

    You are not interested in any change. You are a Boomer (I don't care if you are or not).

    You are not interested in a genuine understanding.

    Fuck off!

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