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"All he had to do was Talk"

Updated on March 07, 2021 at the 21th hour
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You know the saying "Just talk to us." You only have 10 seconds though before they attack you well if you are black.

Never talk nor surrender your ID to cops especially if they can't articulate a specific crime against you. This advice comes from former cops 🤣. Let them "detain" you or "arrest" you under the color of law. Let the lawyers handle it and sue the city especially if cops get hyper aggressive like in this video. They did no recon or investigation prior to using force.

Sucks that Marc Domino decided to move on and agree to drop his civil suit in order for charges to be dropped. tRumped up charges. As he said during that encounter, arrested for what? Obstruction of what? Investigation that starts with detainment because what? Black guy. If someone feels so threatened by a "prowler" that they approach him and remove a hanger from his pocket without him attacking them, then you shouldn't be a cop.

Forget about running plates of the vehicle and the motorcycle to determine owners! Lets get that guy first! Let me blame him for not talking WHOOPS IDing!

WHOOPS, looks like we ran it and they are both registered to him... ha let me blame all the aggression on him! He questioned me and he must "obey me". Let's pin it on Jodi Brunelle. A dumb broad who couldn't figure out that cars have remotes and that being black doesn't mean you are poor and require keys to get into a car.

As usual, why is it hard for cops to do the most straightforward thing, recon and investigate before approaching subjects of investigation. You'll hear it from some stuck up cops "trust, but verify" and they don't do it well. How many detectives would be so fucked and dead if they constantly approached their subjects first. If bounty hunters can do it, so can rookie cops.

The only way to change your police force is to sue sue sue. Make it expensive to stay comfortable.

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