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Using Git with a Dev/Staging/Production Workflow

Updated on February 13, 2012 at the 01th hour
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Update: Here is how I did it. Setup dev/staging/production with git

Looks like I decided to attempt creating a private git repository on my server. It works, but that was after so much frustration is figuring out how to follow the workflow from my last SVN post. Essentially, I wanted a simple dev -> staging -> production workflow. Considering how I've done it so far, it is a little more complicated than I thought, well in git anyway.

I created a repository in a separate folder from the production directory, which contains a master and staging branch, then I cloned the staging branch into the staging directory on my server, so I could create a staging server on the same server. Reasoning for this is being able to test changes before I commit to production. I then have a symlink in the home directory of the user I am using pointing to staging's .git folder, so I could easily clone it to my local computers where I would create a development branch. :) I can now merge my dev branch into my staging branch and push it upstream. This great, but then problem is when I want to push upstream, I'd have to switch my server staging folder to the origin or head branch (which technically isn't a listed branch), so I can successfully push from my development server, then switch back to the staging branch and push upstream again. At this point I want to merge then push from staging to master, but unfortunately I have to go to my production folder to switch it from the master branch to something else in order to successfully push. It is slightly annoying and maybe people have a better way of doing this.

Any thoughts on how to fix this? also Hopefully, this helps anyone else who has been trying to do this.
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