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Shoving Snow Into Someone's Mouth Shows Restraint

Updated on April 11, 2021 at the 16th hour
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“The officer used a distracting technique of cold snow to shock the resisting suspect out of his criminal resistance,” the FOP said. The police union said department policy enables officers in such situations to use other kinds of force, including a Taser, and said Turnure “showed restraint” by not using a tactic more likely to cause injury.

Guy going through a manic episode and cop decides to shove snow into his mouth while being arrested. Their FOP endorsed the tactic while the police dept says this is not according to training.

What's the point of shoving snow? For laughs later I bet. Dumb ass.

Good job officer on resigning, piece of shit. Preferred you stay there like a man and take a shovel of snow up your ass.

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