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Life's Boring, Let's Arrest a Black Army Lieutenant

Updated on April 12, 2021 at the 11th hour
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but they let him go in the end. Aww, so that's the end right? After use of force and lying about what happened.


You'd think after stopping many people who are clearly harmless and make good decisions from initial contact that you'd change your aggressive stance. Proof that most people are harmless? These two cops ain't fucking dead yet is proof. If policing were a new thing and they were aggressive at first in trying to adjust to the role. This would be understandable, but over time you learn and adjust your attitude to minimize dangerous scenarios, so you can go home and sleep. Not these retards!

They were clearly fucked that's why they let him go. Police reports said that they let him go because they didn't want to screw his career or for him to face double jeopardy. The copy paste job they must have dome on those reports. 🤣😂

When America needs its' minorities the most is when they will abandon it.

One moron was fired

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