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I've Made A Lot of Content and I think it is Time to Monetize

Updated on February 07, 2022 at the 02th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

I think it is time to move a lot of the content out of this blog towards an ad supported site. The only things I'd keep on this blog would be core stuff like tech and other personal posts. A lot of the other content about the ridiculous shit out there are primarily what I am looking to separate out into a dedicated place. I've felt that feeling for awhile and will transition by the end of March. This venture allows me to try out some new things on the backend.

This blog is not ad supported and will never be. It has scored high on performance metrics for quite awhile now which was a goal when I created it. Wordpress was not performing even with a page cache and got hacked if you didn't update it. This custom made blog is very low maintenance mostly because there aren't any admin features/user input exposed to the public network.

That same model will apply for my next "blog" venture. Goals are high performance and low maintenance. Another venture I am making will be in the legal education area where I will be applying machine learning to bring the law to you. Will talk to researchers, mostly in the Bay Area, in the equitable and fairness area for insights as there are papers that I liked enough.

Several ventures are releasing this year, finally hah. Already got some administrative things done. Will get lawyers for advice on somethings I am uncertain about. Most likely a CPA as well to take care of accounting of international sales, taxes and blah.

Next things next, the new monetized blog venture. LFG!

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