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I Daytrade Now

Updated on October 06, 2020 at the 15th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

Yeah, Robinhood classified me as a Pattern Day Trader. I daytrade some somewhat volatile high volume stocks. Small wins in pursuit of small gain rather than wait around hoping for the big fish. Money is not bad, but emotions are higher. After the crypto market crash in September, I figured I'd try day trading at the stock market.

It is kinda like fishing as you never know what you'd find and catches will get away. First fifteen minutes at open are the worst and best especially after news like the US President getting a dangerous highly infectious disease. I typically wait a few, wait for bottoming, unless I know something is undervalued (find out looking at charts in the recent weeks, not months).

I love seeing big drops on graphs! Easy money.

I don't recommend daytrading with big amounts unless you've figured out a good stock to try out first. I would avoid stock that loses crazy amounts in minutes or seconds. Not worth the emotional ride.

The amounts you will gain is highly variable. One day you'll gain -$50, another day you can gain $400. Outlier days are when I gain > $1k in a tens of minutes or few hours. It all adds up though.

You do have to stay glued to the several stocks unless you've reached your goal for the day. Don't get greedy because this is high risk.

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