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Female Arizona Cop Ignores Training and Shoots Man Once

Updated on December 06, 2021 at the 04th hour
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Rookie cop uses her mental strength to pull trigger only once despite her training to unload a clip into a threat. Will she be fired for not unloading the clip or will other shit cops rag on her for not unloading? I remember a cop getting fired for going against his training (instead relying on what he learned in the military) to calm down a guy instead of shooting him.

Nevertheless, I commend her actions and that's the kinda cop you want around.

If she does get fired or disciplined then police can not wonder why people hate them and want them gone. No one wants trigger happy aggressive cops. Hell these cops don't event want trigger happy aggressive cops on themselves because they know what can happen.

Again, she should be commended and we need more like her and less of the idiotic hyper aggressive petty ones.

I was thinking of making a funny joke about why she waited so long to shoot him, but guess I am not in the mood.

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