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Crazy Karen Attacking White Girl Because of her Karen Feelings

Updated on October 31, 2021 at the 20th hour
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Assailants: Moe Darling and Vince McLeod

Republicans: "Fuck your Feelings" "Political correctness" "Freedom" "Snowflakes"

All of that behavior in that video by republicans. Trash ass behavior exhibited by white ghetto trash and their authoritarian ghetto party.

When they believe in what they say then republicans will get some semblance of respect. Until then, it is a party of children, trash feelings and racists. Oh, racism a banned word in that party? Ooops! Political correctness uh huh.

Freedum! Just not for you who don't agree with, act like or look like me.

gRump 2020, just not in this lifetime.

Dumb ass conservatives. Dumb ass republicans. Living life isn't enough for these morons. They are triggered as fuck.

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