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Black Child Suicide due to Racially Motivated Harassment

Updated on November 10, 2021 at the 18th hour
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Conservatives: UsA iS nOt RaCiSt!

So your child goes to an education center and for some reason the child's peers decide to, knowingly harass, them and their similarly colored skin peers with racially motivated verbal attacks and to conservative white people that isn't harassment. You, as the parent, report this to the so called authorities in that school and they do absolute shit. In fact, some of them encourage it. What do you do as a parent? It's pretty clear it is time to handle it with physical attacks at that point. If people want to bully then you have to bully back. Take the child to self defense classes while you are at it to get some god damned balls against these white pussies.

Critical Race Theory wasn't even known and isn't even taught in elementary schools until republican/conservative idiots brought it up. Thanks, by the way, for letting us all know about it and why we should learn about it. The "backlash" against it is racially motivated. Racists need to drag on to any and all straws and pull them. CRT will always be taught in colleges to whoever want to learn it just like Differential Calculus and U.S. History. Your backlash or white lash doesn't matter. Energy of racists.

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