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Assault Weapons are Force Multipliers. No They Don't Keep the CoUnTrY sAfE.

Updated on May 29, 2022 at the 12th hour
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Assault weapons are weapons of terror. You have them because you want power over others. No "good guy" is bringing out an AR-15 to respond to a robbery, car jacking, mass shooting. It's too big and unconventional. I'm not sure why an AR-15, civilian version of the M-16, even exists other than for money. The M-16 isn't even a weapon of choice for self-defense. It's just too big. It's designed to shoot off as many bullets as possible in a short time frame for war.

These republicans who spout off nonsense fanatical fantasies about home defense, good guy with a gun, second amendment government overthrow, blah blah blah are completely in their heads. They are mentally ill. For people to go through life thinking they will need to use an AR-15 in their lives for some bullshit reason therefore anyone should get them so easily, is a sign of mental illness. These are the kinds of emotional crazed people who need to be put away.

Red states are the only states with high numbers of gun related deaths. Why? Proliferation of guns. It's because of red states that the usual city to bash is Chicago. Guns that are imported into there by neighboring states. Red states are a danger for gun control states. You think red states will blame themselves? I think they encourage export of guns out of their states in order to export their shitty destructive beliefs.

Responsible gun ownership? It only takes a few people with AR-15s to kill many people because no durrrrr they are force multipliers. Who cares if you are a ReSpOnSiBlE gUn OwNeR, it means nothing. Should we let people obtain ammonium nitrate and not track them? Should we let people obtain all materials for bomb making and not track them? 'ReSPonSiBlE BoMb OwNeR here, don't tread on my rightssssssss'

The arguments made for AR-15 could be used for nukes. Let anyone obtain nukes and say it is your right to have one. Home defense, government overthrow and whatever nonsense. Why aren't people dying regularly from bomb or nuke explosions? They aren't easily obtained. Think that these crazies wouldn't jump at a chance to get bombs if it were easy? Living in a dream if you think they would not.

Buy a handgun and learn to use it for home defense. The rtarded notion that there should be no background checks to buy a weapon is purely from conservatard snowflakes. Those kinds of people need to be put down, fr. Shut the fuck up about force multiplication weapons like assault weapons or bombs being needed for home defense or good guy with a gun, bomb whatever. It's nonsense and you need to be put away if these are your arguments.

It's going to take the deaths of Republican lawmakers and/or their children to get them to change their opinion. It's abundantly clear they don't care for anything else that happens. CA has gun control because of the racist crazed whities and Gov. Reagan who wanted to rip guns out of empowered black hands.

Given you have white trash representatives like this who think X gun deaths are a DROP IN THE BUCKET. She must become one of those since it is a drop in the bucket for her. It's the only way they'll learn about self destructive behavior.

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