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American Airlines Kicking Black Couple Off Plane Just Because They Can

Updated on December 07, 2021 at the 04th hour
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If a flight attendant attacked me I'd punch em in the face immediately. Charge me, i don't give a fuck. It was provoked and I'll have a very good attorney ready to fuck with American Airlines and the dumb bitch.

Flight attendants getting attacked on planes? Probably because some other flight attendant acted shitty like these ones. I have little sympathy for flight attendants these days given my experience with a few aggressive ones. Those aggressive ones are on a power trip and I swear I will back smack one of them one of these days if they catch me on the wrong day. They will learn to calm the fuck down and de-escalate for future interactions. Whatever power and protection they think they have does not matter to me at all especially upon escalation.

Show the respect that you desire you receive or else.

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